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EL Capo is for that Aficionado that has perfected the craft of cigar smoking and has developed a taste for a finer lifestyle. Supersized Robust premium cigar that is bold yet well-balanced in flavor.


Habano: 64 Gauge 



Take out your short stick and grab your stilettos. Be who you are and enjoy life. This mild cigar was created for those who want a little adventure. 

Maduro: 42 Gauge


Just like the shape of the Divoli , so are the people that smoke it. They are sharp, well put together individuals that know what they want and expect out of a premium Cigar. Medium, yet smooth and full of flavor.

Torpedo: 54 Gauge


When a 64 Gauge is just too big, then the Lettori is exactly what the occasion needs.  It is a medium to full-bodied that pairs well with your favorite Cognac.

Maduro: 60 Gauge

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